Corporate Clients

For Candidates

The Bans Recruitment Division has developed several strengths over its years of practice, by treating its candidates with the tact, discretion and diplomacy we believe every customer deserves. Having been on the candidate’s side of the corporate fence ourselves, today we aim to effectuate all positive aspects garnered through our experience, while pre-empting the many negative factors that can potentially sour a working relationship.

We ensure that we are truly transparent with our candidates:

  • all candidates are pre-screened before they are presented to our customers;
  • we possess a complete, in-depth understanding of the goals and needs of both parties;
  • we match expectations;
  • we help candidates achieve career goals;
  • we guide candidates through training (where required);
  • we assist candidates in improving their presentation and communication skills (where required);
  • we explain exactly what is expected at the interview;
  • we explain what a candidate's particular position will require in terms of skills, work load, location, domain etc.
  • we provide the candidate with information about our customer, endeavoring to clarify the aims and long-term goals of the particular business.

Finally, we have chosen a location that has easy access for anyone in Toronto, on Yonge subway line @ Finch Station.


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