Corporate Clients

For Corporate Clients

We have experience across multiple industries; we have customers ranging from investment companies to banking and telecom, to small startups.

Our personal approach presents several key advantages for the recruitment process - we make staff recruiting quicker, cheaper and more efficient.

By working directly with our clients on both sides of the fence (candidates and corporate clients) we are able to effectively assist with a specific demand.

We have expertise in:

  • Recruitment of candidates of the highest caliber for your business, education, research, practice and administration, recognizing demographic profiles;
  • Recognizing specific expertise to ensure a skill range that is appropriate to the diversity of demands;
  • Developing and implementing a recruitment strategy for corporate needs;
  • Candidate relationship management;
  • Online marketing of a certain position and skill;
  • Targeting specific candidates;
  • Identify why people leave your organization (where applicable);
  • Feedback about the interview/hiring process on your premises from our clients.

The war for talent will be global – so look at our consulting and offshore practices!

We have expertise in building Corporate Recruitment websites as well.

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