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Online Strategies
Developing e-commerce strategies is has become one of our greatest strengths. Knowing what will work and won't, can make or break a business in today's fast paced environment. Our experience benefits our clients so they don't make certain mistakes, allowing them to leapfrog the competition and offer their customers what they really need. We have developed components for advertising, marketing, customer retention, and product distribution allowing companies to enter the e-commerce space easier and with faster results.

Improved Business Models
TheBans e-commerce solutions improve business models by making it easier to start, manage and maintain a business by eliminating many barriers to entry.

Improved Business
Intelligence TheBans e-commerce applications empower companies with greater intelligence and flexibility, such as transaction completion rates and number of products viewed by users. This allows companies to customize their Web sites for their users.

E-commerce Focused
TheBans consultants have experience in the development, implementation and integration of technologies dedicated to e-commerce services such as filtering/profiling, storefront builders, and Internet payment processing all tied directly to transactional commerce solutions.

Relationship Building
TheBans knows how important your customers are to you. We can create customized electronic business applications that enable companies to personalize communications, transactions, and services to match the needs of employees and customers.

TheBans has been involved in several portal designs in the past few years.

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