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The Bans consultants can help you to use Project Risk Management methods and disciplines to improve your chances of completing projects on time, within budget and to meet the users' requirements.

We will provide the outcome of Risk Assessment and plan a way to mitigate risk by using appropriate Risk Management techniques.

Risk Assessment has the following components:

  • Identify Uncertainties by navigating and exploring the entire project plans and identifying areas that are not clear.
  • Analyze Risks by quantifying how those areas of uncertainty can impact the performance of the project (meeting targeted milestones, cost or meeting the users' requirements).
  • Prioritize Risks by identifying which of those Risks have potential huge impacts and try to eliminate them and which should have normal management attention, and which are sufficiently minor to avoid detailed management attention.

Risk Control has the following components:

  • Mitigate Risks by taking proper actions in advance to reduce the effect of Risk. It is better to spend money on mitigation than to include contingency in the plan.
  • Plan for Emergencies for Risks that seems to be significant and have handy an emergency plan.
  • Measure and Control is tracking the effects of the known risks and manage them to a successful conclusion.

Money invested in reducing risk in the early stages of a project is money well invested. Any risks incurred during the life of a project have to be diagnosed, and fixed. Also if things have already gone on a wrong path by the time the problem is detected then cost will be added to the total project cost.

We have also experience in creating extensive Project Plans using Microsoft Project that will help understanding the status of a project, interdependencies, planning for future steps and setting up new goals.

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